Shuck and Jive

Monday, February 29, 2016

I Will Zumba My Way to General Assembly

Behold, a belly that Zumbas...

Oh, yeah, this belly will be moving to the beat of the Witherspoon Dance at General Assembly in Portland.    Registration is now open.   When you register sign up for the dance!   Come to the Voices of Sophia breakfast, too!

Here is the Winter issue of the Network News published by Presbyterian Voices for Justice.  We will have a helpful General Assembly issue out in plenty of time that will tell you exactly how to vote on each overture.

If you are looking for a place to worship on the Sunday before the
down and dirty business begins, there are plenty of fine congregations, including, ahem, Southminster!   Preaching that day will be  Dr. Patricia Tull, Presbyterian minister and A. B. Rhodes Professor Emerita of Old Testament at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary.  She is the author of Inhabiting Eden:  Christians, the Bible, and the Ecological Crisis.

I am still hoping that another presbytery will concur with Cascades Presbytery to send Overture 29, Endorsing the Clergy Letter Project, to the General Assembly.  I simply am inept at politicking for these kinds of things.  There is no web page for it.  There is no organization sending out emails and hustling up contacts.  I am afraid this fine overture will go extinct because it could not adapt to the lobbying environment.   That said, I am pleased that Cascades Presbytery approved it.   Salute!

Hope I yet hold for a concurrence.

Here is the list of overtures submitted so far.