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Monday, July 09, 2012

Connie Green and Sandra Oldendorf, Religious Diversity and Children's Literature, July 12-16 on Religion For Life

How should religion be taught in public schools and what resources are available for teachers? Two professors at Appalachian State University have taken on those questions. They researched various religious groups in the United States and decided to present these various traditions through the use of children's literature. Dr. Connie Green and Dr. Sandra Oldendorf are professors of education at Appalachian State University. They have co-authored Religious Diversity and Children's Literature: Strategies and Resources. They speak about the book and the challenge of teaching religion in public school on Religion For Life.

(Connie Green, left and Sandra Oldendorf co-authors of Religious Diversity and Children's Literature)

Listen via livestream…

Thursday, July 12th at 8 pm on WETS, 89.5.
Sunday, July 15th, at noon on WEHC, 90.7.
Sunday, July 15th, at 2 pm on WETS, 89.5.
Monday, July 16th at 1 pm on WEHC, 90.7.
Via podcast beginning July 17th.

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