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Friday, August 14, 2015

Number One In Abomination!

Glenn Beck gave Portland a boost.   He named the "top 15 cities to avoid like the plague" and Portland earned the number one spot!    Southminster member, Jennie, in response to Glenn Beck, came up with the perfect Portland slogan:
#1 In Abomination

Why does Portland receive such an honor?  According to his website:
“This is the list of the top 15 least religious cities in America,” Glenn said. “These are the cities to avoid like the plague. And if you look at that list, these are the cities that already having trouble. We haven’t even hit the road bump.”
I like Portland.  Where else do you find this?

And this?

Portland is hosting the PCUSA General Assembly, June 18-25, 2016.   Portland is the perfect place for the apostate Presbyterian Church (USA) and I am sure the LayMAN would agree.   I am even on the Committee on Local Arrangements.  Gotta love that.  Check out our (COLA) Facebook page.  

Here is the COLA Logo based on the PCUSA theme:  

As you can tell, I wasn't on the PCUSA slogan making committee.   I wouldn't have picked a scripture verse from pseudo-Paul.  Be that as it may.  

After Glenn Beck's endorsement, I think Isaiah 41:24 would be the perfect text for the match made in nirvana between Portland and the PCUSA:
You, indeed, are nothing
and your work is nothing at all;
whoever chooses you is an abomination.
I wonder if it is too late to change the slogan and logo?
Portland and the PCUSA: Together Number One in Abomination!
Portland and the PCUSA:  A Plague On Both Your Houses!
Portland and the PCUSA:  Still Sinning After All these Years!
Portland and the PCUSA:  Where Heretics Go to Retire!
Portland and the PCUSA:  Lovin' the Canaanite Goddess!
Portland and the PCUSA:  A Glenn Beck Free Zone!
Hey, I'm here all week!