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Monday, September 18, 2017

KBOO: Support One of Portland's Greatest Treasures

KBOO's Fall membership drive has begun!

KBOO is a Portland treasure. It is going to be fifty years old and it can kick, stretch, and kick.

I am thankful that KBOO is here doing justice and bringing diverse voices of the Pacific Northwest to the airwaves. I interview guests and produce Progressive Spirit and the Beloved Community at KBOO. I wouldn't be able to do this without KBOO.

I am on the KBOO Foundation Board and know a little bit about what it takes to keep this station going. It requires a lot of love, hard work, and members who give time and money to keep KBOO on the air and offering non-commercial, non-corporate truth.

This is the resistance.

Go to the website and click Donate or call 877-500-5266 from now to September 28th and become a member with a one-time gift or a recurring gift ($5, $10, $20, $50, etc. per month).

Here is a fun fact.  Typically in music-formatted radio, commercial stations run 12-16 minutes of commercials per hour. Talk shows often up to 18 minutes per hour or more. Every freaking day.

If that is not enough, commercial stations speed up Rush Limbaugh’s chatter so they can squeeze more ads in per hour!

KBOO makes an appeal for a couple of weeks three times per year. Volunteers make KBOO sing. And we don't speed up their voices.

These volunteers need to eat. I am soliciting restaurants to provide a meal for 15 volunteers. Know of a restaurant that can help? KBOO will thank them on the air the day they offer a meal.

I have a few openings. Email johnshuck [at] kboo [dot] fm.

With Appreciation,

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