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Wednesday, March 07, 2018


So I am eating my eggs at Shari's restaurant and using their wifi.  I am checking to see if the link from this post to my blog works, and I get this:
Request denied by WatchGuard HTTP proxy.
Reason: Category 'Elevated Exposure' denied by WebBlocker policy 'newWebBlocker.3'.
Method: GET Host: Path: /2017/09/remembering-911-for-what-purpose.html
So how do I tell WatchGuard to stop denying access to Shuck and Jive? Against what are they guarding? Porn? No porn on Shuck and Jive. Just the search for truth.

No I don't have an ssl certificate because I don't sell anything here.  My church website doesn't have the ssl thingy either.  But you can eat your eggs at Shari's and enjoy perusing my church website.

Shari's customers need access to Shuck and Jive and to eggs.  We shouldn't have to choose between eggs and Shuck and Jive.

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