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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm a HOE!

I don't think I ever have received an award quite so tasty. I am speaking of course of the Ham of Excellence (HOE) bestowed upon me by Tracey the Southern Female Lawyer.

Pic of HOE at right.

She really wrote some nice things about me, and well, shucks, I am just verklempt.

To show that I am a ham I shamelessly will re-post some of what she wrote:

This man has not only challenged my thinking on what organized religion can do (i.e., something other than judgment, inadvertent wrong, and outright evil), he shows just what good we can attain if we have the balls and conviction to be unconventional and honest. Did you ever think you could walk into a southern church – hell, any church – and hear a sermon on “Better Living Through Evolution?” How many ministers do you know who are active in PFLAG? When was the last time you saw your preacher at a pro-healthcare reform rally?
She doesn't even stop with that!
It’s enough to make a southern female lawyer think about going to church. Which, as someone who has never gone to any church/temple/religious gathering in her entire life and is fairly certain said building will erupt in flames should she enter, is a pretty big freaking deal.
Obviously that made my Fat Tuesday. I should add, however, that there are other HOE preachers and churches filled with HOEs all over this great country.

You just have to know how to sniff out that pork.

Thanks, Tracey!!


  1.'re really hamming it up now, John.


  2. I've been waiting for someone else to make a comment on what I think is obvious, but no one has so here goes. Now, to me it is as clear as Jesus' image on a piece of french toast, which I have seen images of and find myself in agreement that there can be no arguing that his image IS evident, but the end of that ham bears the distinct image of Satan, or at least the mug-shot one of his demonic servants. Call me crazy if you want, but am I the only one who can see this?

    I think it probably means something. But I'm not sure what...

  3. I do not not see Satan's visage in the ham. But then again I have only stared at it non-stop for three hours. Perhaps it takes more time?