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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Proud of My Peeps

One of my First Presby Peeps had her letter published in today's Johnson City Press. She tells the truth:

Republicans Want to Help Wealthy and No One Else

I couldn’t be a Republican, but I value their vital historic role in our story. The party I see today saddens me as it owes so much of its gains to shallow, mean-spirited, greedy forces within its constituency.

The tea party presents poorly considered, often intolerant, quasi-libertarian philosophy. It’s no secret primary funding comes from multi-billionaires who intend to manipulate it to repeal all safety nets, including Social Security and Medicare, and federal regulation in general.

Secure in his astronomical salary, Rush Limbaugh callously states Americans deserve only the health care they can afford. Savvy Republican legislators don’t cross this “entertainer.”

Fox News, blatantly partisan, assumes we don’t care corporate policy is to ignore inconvenient fact.

Their poster clown, Glenn Beck, with twisted logic, commanded listeners to flee churches that reference social justice, for that’s a first step toward communism and fascism. Bill O’Reilly categorically labels the unemployed as lazy and irresponsible.

Sarah Palin, who is no fan of rational analysis, hides from responsible media, perpetually spars with critics and waits to take the reins.

Most troubling are secret donors who contributed almost $120 million toward Republican midterm campaigns.

NBC news identified key contributors as wealthy hedge fund managers angry with Democrats for trying to close the loophole that provides a tax rate half that of their chauffeurs.

I hope it’s unnerving for a venerable institution to realize such as these hold and effectively direct its course. It explains Republican priorities: lowering taxes for the wealthy, repealing health care and scaling back Wall Street reforms.

We have become the nation with the widest gap between rich and poor. One-fourth of our children are hungry. This is our shame.

The enablers of the greedy and profit obsessed cannot distance themselves from the sin. Somewhere, surely, are our better angels.


Thanks, Jennie! Direct and to the point.

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