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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Riding the Bus With My Lovely

Once a year I take a trek to see folks in Montana via the bus. It is always an adventure. The first year I even wrote a poem about it that you can read, Riding the Bus With Jesus.

This year I am riding the bus with my lovely.

This is the first blog post I have made while riding the bus. The new Greyhound buses have
on-board WIFI.

Of course, bus travel is one of the greenest ways to go:

Greyhound is proud to be one of the most environmentally efficient travel operators in Australia. Studies have shown that per passenger kilometre coaches use almost 8 times less CO2 emissions than jet aircraft, and for every full coach, there are 16 fewer cars on the road.
If it is good for Australia it is probably good for the U.S. too.

In a low energy future, the bus will be way more and more of us get around. I kind of like it.


  1. I'll bet the bus ride is a lot quieter with wi-fi than it used to be - lots more stuff to keep people occupied.

    Have a great trip. We're all set for Sunday, by the way.

  2. John,
    While you're travelling, you might want to reflect on your experiences with your now departed friend Bob Campbell. Viola linked to his obit over at her blog.

  3. So sad to hear the news. I never met him in person, but I really liked his attitude and way of thinking.


  4. Thanks, Kattie. I made a post about him.

  5. You're making this up, right? Have you ever traveled on Greyhound? When you get there you'll be nothing but glad; that's all. Glad. You may even have to adjust your theology to account for the things you will see.

    On the other hand, you'll have some hellacious stories to tell.

  6. We are home again with sore buns and swollen ankles. But a nice, cheap ride.

  7. I'd like to hear about some of the outlaws, mental patients, and all around weirdos you saw during your extended confinement in Hell on Wheels.

  8. It wasn't hell on wheels at all. This is the 6th trip I have taken on the bus. While a 42 hour ride is a little sore on the rear end, it is a nice experience overall.

  9. You do live on planet Earth, Milky Way galaxy, don't you?

  10. So what makes you so ornery these days? : )

  11. Ornery? No, no, no, you misread me. It's just that I'm an old Greyhound veteran myself and have never completed a journey on one of their fine carriages w/o having a boatload of stories to tell about escaped criminals, mental patients, and unbalanced bus drivers. My favorite is the time the driver got off the route and pulled into his girlfriend's yard. He went in for about 15 minutes, got back on the bus, and announced to us that he had just completed a conjugal visit. Stuff like that, it's priceless.

  12. Hey Bill,

    Ah, OK. Yes, it always is an interesting experience. Priceless, yes. I love it!