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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jesus Is Thrilled that the Jesus Seminar is Coming!

Jesus is very excited about Robert J. Miller and Jarmo Tarkki who are coming to Elizabethton this weekend!

Here is what the Son of God said about the visit:

I am so happy the Jesus Seminar is telling the truth about me. I am tired of wearing this crown and being the True Light of True Light and all that hoopah. I was just a guy. A peasant with an attitude. Peace out.

  • The lecture is Friday at seven.
  • Workshops Saturday morning and afternoon.
  • Don't miss this.
  • It will be great.
  • You can just show up and register at the door!
  • Here are the details.
Here is Bob Miller talking about his book, Born Divine: The Birth of Jesus and Other Sons of God.


  1. See? Jesus sent you an email. That's what I mean about living the metaphor (see The Meaning of Life part 74, or whatever the number is).

    Say "hello" to Bob Miller from me.