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Monday, March 12, 2012

It is Showtime for our Mountains

Here is the latest from L.E.A.F. regarding SB 577, The Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act:
Monday, March 12, 2012
Action Alert I

Dear Caretakers of Creation,

SB 577 is before the Tennessee State Senate tonight at 5 CST, 6 EST. It appears the plan is to delay, increasing the chance that the whole Senate can avoid a vote altogether this year.  The opponents of the TN Scenic Vistas Protection Act do not want to vote because they know what you want them to do and they do not want to engender the courage to do it.

Right now the bill is gutted and one or more procedural votes are required to get to a vote on the real TSVPA to the floor. I expect the opponents to try to shut down discussion. The procedural wrangling will be hard to follow, but LEAF will action alert on Tuesday to explain what happened and what it means for the bill. Hopefully we will report passage of the real bill and how to engage on the House side.

Many people responded to our last alert with a willingness to pray during the session for wisdom and courage for your Senator and all the Senators, and for protection of the mountains. If you are willing to do that also, you can record that intent by responding to this email. Please include your name and the town where you live and the name of your Senator.

Here are the other action items:

The message is “Restore and Pass the TN Scenic Vistas Protection Act Tonight. No Decoys. No Delays.” You really don’t need to say any more than that.
  • Watch the Senate Session live here.  We could be anywhere on the schedule, so I don’t know how long it will before SB 577 comes up.
  • As you watch, continue to pray.
I cannot tell you how your love and prayers and our solidarity in purpose lifts us all and supports our spirits. Thank you,
Dawn Coppock,
Legislative Director, LEAF

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