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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And...she cooks!

Our own Sandra Garrett (known as "Snad"on the blog comments) was featured in the Elizabethton Star regarding her culinary talents.  Check it out:
Sandra Garrett and her husband, John Dewey, are big fans of the first meal of the day.

“Since my husband works nights, and I work part-time in the afternoons, we get to luxuriate over breakfast a lot,” Sandra said. “We enjoy our breakfasts.”

She enjoys experimenting with recipes. For instance, she enjoys combining different ingredients in her omelets, including pepperoni and cottage cheese as well as smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Sandra now has an extensive menu she has compiled around the breakfast meal.

“I have some favorites that I’ve developed: baked oatmeal, oat flour-spelt pancakes, baked eggs with greens, tofu scrambler, oven-baked pancakes with apples, sausage biscuits, and of course, milk gravy and biscuits.”

Sandra’s an enthusiastic breakfast advocate.

“I encourage people to have fun with breakfast, to slow things down and enjoy it,” she said.

Sandra laments the notion for some that breakfast is a “throw-away” meal. “I’m happy to be part of a breakfast renaissance,” she said.  (Read More)
Great article, Sandra!   She even included a mention of your favorite congregation.


  1. Snad! so great to put a person with the usual Comment ID! One of these days I'm going to drive down I-81 and show up at the Church. In addition to John's sermon, I'll expect a great breakfast.

  2. Just let us know when you head down the road, Sea Raven, and I'll get the biscuits going!