Shuck and Jive

Friday, August 10, 2012

Me and Coop

Lovely's sister and her new baby, Cooper, are here for the week, visiting from Brooklyn.  She had lived with us since we were in seminary and she was in the seventh grade.   She grew up with our kids.     Now, she is married and has a new son, Cooper, who Zach didn't quite get to meet.   She wasn't able to be here for the memorial service.  It is good to have them here.  Here's Coop on his birthday.

Cooper and I are home with the dogs while all the women are at book club.   Lovely's sister dressed me up in this baby wrap thing and I  took Coop and the three dogs for a walk.  I am sure I frightened the neighbors.

 Then Coop and I watched the Sony Movie Channel:  Breakout, The Hunt for Eagle One, and Bite the Bullet.    He is a good movie partner.  Few complaints.   Eats.  Poops.  Likes being held.  My kinda guy.


  1. A picture of you in the baby wrap with Cooper and the dogs would be a great addition to the church website. You still have time to make that happen. I suggest you get on it.

  2. The dogs didn't make the picture. but that's Coop in a wrap.