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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


We have arrived!

Much to say about the moving experience.   It is a high stress activity even as it has gone as smoothly as one could hope.   I feel this tearing, torn between two worlds.  I have never lived anywhere as I long as I lived in East Tennessee.  It has been painful pulling up those roots.  We are tenderly re-planting them in Portland.  We have a Portland address but the area where we live is called Bethany, west of the ridge that separates downtown from the western suburbs.   We are renting a home that has a nice yard for the pups.  Who knows, we may rent until we die.  Such is life.

This new position is larger than my last.  We had 192 in worship on Sunday.   People are checking out the new guy.   I am trying my best to learn the ropes, set my timetables, learn names, and figure out the system.   This will be a big job.   In addition to learning the duties of the position I am trying to see how the radio show might work.   I would love to do it here.   I have to figure out how to approach the stations and which stations.  

Religion For Life certainly made an impression in East Tennessee.  This past week I received two emails that typify the response.  People either love it or think I am the devil.  Check it:
I go the St Luke’s, Boone, NC. You came to our book group last year.  It is still going strong. I went to my first Jesus Seminar at your church. I have since joined Westar.  It has been life changing. I love your show and trust  the podcasts will continue. I wish you the best of luck in your new life.
See how nice that is?  This is why I do what I do.  And then there is this:
I have followed your unministry on WETS. Thank you for leaving the area.
I believe your views on caring for the environment and equality for LGBT were correct but you have offended way too many fundamentalists who still want (and deserve) to believe that God is real and there is ultimate meaning to the human existence.
Why do you take such pleasure in trying to tear down the most sacred elements of the Christian faith?
Please seriously consider whether or not you might be demon possessed
Even Einstein said it is better to believe in something even if it is wrong, than in nothing at all
Did Einstein really say that?

Daniel Dennett calls that belief in belief.   I have a hard time accepting that believing in something just for the sake of believing is a virtue.   I am also not sure if the alternative to believing in the existence of a supernatural agent is to believe in nothing.  I believe in love.  I believe in you.   I believe in my own definition of God whatever that is.   I don't believe in views of God that don't make sense and I think it is good, even pleasurable, to tear down those sacred idols.

Fun stuff.  I want the fun to continue.  I am going to have fun with this new position.

If you are near our evergreen tree, join the fun at Southminster!

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  1. Thankful for internet and radio! All good wishes for this new leg of the journey