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Friday, January 30, 2015

Finding a Groove

It is a bit of a learning curve but I am setting up an office studio for Religion For Life.   My goal is by April 1st to have at least four shows recorded, produced and ready to broadcast.   The plan is to get set up and running from my office and then I'll contact radio stations.   I would like to be connected with a real radio station studio at some point but I think it will be an easier sell if I have a product up and running and ready to deliver.   A huge thanks to my friends at WETS for keeping things going on the distribution end.

I am ready, dear authors and publicists, to set up some interviews.  If any of you know of folks who should be on this program (including but not limited to the Portland area), contact me at religionforlife[at] and send media copies of books to

Religion For Life
John Shuck
Southminster Presbyterian Church
12250 SW Denney Road
Beaverton, OR 97008

I am working my way through Audacity, have a microphone on order, and I have been practicing by editing and posting sermons on the new Sermon and Jive podcast page.  Check it out.   Texts of sermons here.

I am running some Classic Religion For Life (OK, reruns) on the four stations now.  You can find all the shows by searching the podcast page.   Follow Religion For Life on Facebook and Twitter to see what episodes are currently on air.   This week I am rebroadcasting my conversation with Alex McNeill, who is now the executive director for More Light Presbyterians.   I think it was a fascinating conversation about his journey from female to male as well as his ordination journey.

Speaking of More Light Presbyterians, I have been so preoccupied with moving that I have been out of touch with "the tally."  I am speaking of course of the marriage equality tally in the PCUSA.   Presbyteries are voting on an amendment to the Book of Order to change marriage from "a man and a woman" to "two people, traditionally a man and a woman."   This is Amendment 14-F.

This amendment originated with the session of Southminster Presbyterian Church, Beaverton, Oregon!  How cool is that?   I had nothing to do with it as they had made this overture to Cascades Presbytery while I was still a Tennessean.  I did, however, press my electronic keypad in favor of it at General Assembly.

Where are we now?  You can find the current tally at a couple of locations.  The LayMAN is keeping tabs on us, of course.   By the way, the LayMAN disapproves.  Their new slogan is:

We are the LayMAN.  We disapprove. 

Covenant Network keeps a tally.   They do approve.

The current score?  26 Yes and 11 No as of January 28.   This is an excellent start.   Foothills, Seattle, and Yukon all voted yes after voting no on ordination equality.  Eastern Oklahoma went the other way, voting no after voting yes on ordination equality.   The net result is two positive switches.   It is looking good, beloveds.

Writing about marriage equality gives me the opportunity to post a picture of one reason why it matters and of my inspiration, The Mrs. Shucks.

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