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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Godless Engineer Interviews: John Shuck!

I was interviewed just after Easter by John Gleason host of the Godless Engineer (Facebook, Twitter).  He saw my guest post in the Friendly Atheist and spent over an hour with me.   He asked some great questions.   Topics included a "belief-less" Christianity, the evolution of "God," Christopher Columbus, Ken Ham and much, much more!

Check it out the video!

Or audio to download via Spreaker!

I will delve into these questions throughout the summer during BYOS (Bring Your Own Sermon)!

If you are looking for thoughtful podcasts about religion listen to Religion For Life!   New 30 minute shows are uploaded every Sunday!  Download and subscribe to podcasts at KBOO, Religion For Life podcast page, or i-Tunes!

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