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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Southminster is Purchasing the New Hymnal

Southminster will be singing from a new hymnbook.

We need 175 of them.  We are asking everyone who worships with us to purchase at least one.  You can dedicate each one you purchase in memory or in honor of a person or organization even Planet Earth. Be creative!  (We will probably dedicate one in memory of Zach, another for my mom and one in honor of Katy and Amber and another to all the wonderful folks at Southminster).  We will make a very attractive book dedication plate for each one. Each hymnal is $25 and this includes shipping.   Forms are in Mary's blue folder, narthex, and in bulletins.   Fill out a form for each dedication.

Or, you can email your request to Mary.

Here is what you need to include:

Name of Donor (as you want it in the book dedication plate).

Choose:  In Memory or In Honor

Name of person, place or thing to be memorialized or honored (again as you want it in the book dedication plate).

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