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Friday, November 04, 2016

Brain Food This Weekend

You need this.

The election drama?  You don't need that.

What else you got going this weekend?  Nothing.  If you had something better to do, you wouldn't be reading my blog.

So come to the Jesus Seminar on the Road at Southminster tonight at 7:30 and you will then want to come tomorrow, too.  85 people have already registered.  You will meet some fellow travelers.  There is plenty of room for you.

This is the end of religion as we know it.   David Galston and Joseph Bessler are talking about ways to think and talk and make community not around supernatural beliefs or creeds or dogmas, but imagine theology as art, as permission to make meaning, to draw from the wealth of our cultural heritage and change it, shape it, explore it without having to submit to someone else's view of what is "true."

Walk-ins welcome.   To get a flavor for what we will discuss, listen to my interview with one of the presenters, David Galston.

Check out what will happen this weekend!

Christianity, God, and the Future of Religion

November 4–5, 2016
Beaverton, Oregon

  • What value, if any, does God have for human life?
  • What distinguishes theologies about Jesus from the theology of Jesus?
  • Why did the Church separate itself from study of the historical Jesus?
Instead of asking whether or not God exists, modern scholarship focuses on the human Jesus, the church’s transformation of Jesus into a divine being, and the fate of religion in the future. David Galston and Joe Bessler guide us through centuries of Christian thought and ask, what is God’s human future?

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