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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Barney Frank: Friend of the Doobie

This is common sense. The most dangerous thing about marijuana is getting busted.


Frank has filed a bill that would eliminate federal penalties for personal possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana.

It would also make the penalty for using marijuana in public just $100.

"I think John Stuart Mill had it right in the 1850s," said Congressman Frank, "when he argued that individuals should have the right to do what they want in private, so long as they don't hurt anyone else. It's a matter of personal liberty. Moreover, our courts are already stressed and our prisons are over-crowded. We don't need to spend our scarce resources prosecuting people who are doing no harm to others."


  1. That's a wise move. Doesn't go far enough of course, but it's wise just the same.

    Too bad a majority of Democrats are incapable of mustering the courage it takes to support this type of measure.

  2. I'm really conflicted on the whole marijuana, legalization/decriminalization issue. Weed is my daughter's drug of choice. It led to not being able to hold down a job, breaking and entering and other behavior I don't care to mention here. After 10 months in rehab, she still wants to smoke it.

    What's the answer? I have no idea. But I wouldn't say that it doesn't harm others.

  3. Thanks, Sara.

    I grieve with you regarding your daughter.

    I don't come from my position as a marijuana user. (Whether I used to partake I won't say as I may want to be the moderator of the Presbyterian Church someday!)

    I have seen far too many instances of the grief and death of the most harmful legal drug available, alcohol.

    Marijuana can't hold a candle to the damage that alcohol causes. But I wouldn't be for prohibition on 'wine that gladdens the heart' just because some (even many) people abuse it.

    I have seen careers and lives ruined of otherwise law abiding citizens because of arrest for a small possession of marijuana.

    Because it is illegal it makes criminals out of good people. That is a crime.

    Marijuana certainly has medical properties so it should at least be legalized for that purpose and certainly decriminalized.

    Ultimately I think it should be legalized and regulated and then we can allow people to make responsible choices.

  4. Thanks John.

    I've always argued the same position until more recently. I do think it should be decriminalized and I am in favor of medical marijuana. I just have a bit of a different perspective now.

    John Shuck for Moderator! I'm going to have to practice that until I can say it without giggling.

  5. Hey Sara,

    I understand. When it gets close to home, it is no longer abstract!

    Giggling!! It will be like Pat Paulsen running for president!

  6. Must be a lot of potheads you think that the criminal groups who grow marijuana are going to give up getting money from it? If we legalize it, they'll have their buyers try something else. They will replace it with another illegal substance.
    Talk about naivety...