Shuck and Jive

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Theological Education

Blame Bill:
Q: What does an atheist say when she's having an orgasm?
A: "Darwin! Oh, Darwin!"
My addendum for the benefit of Erp:
Q: What does a pantheist say when she's having an orgasm?
A: "Darwin! Oh, Holy Darwin!"


  1. Well I don't think the parallel quite works. Darwin isn't divine and never claimed to be an atheist.

    If we assume that is what atheists do say, I think we should do a reverse translation and have:

    Q. What does a Presbyterian say when she's having an orgasm
    A. "Knox! Oh, Knox"

    Admittedly the image still isn't appealing.

    Personally I suspect what is said is culturally determined (and possibly with stroking the ego of the partner). Many early Christians might have invoked 'Jove' who at least had some reputed expertise in the matter.:-)

  2. I live to kill jokes, to suck the juices out and leave the carcasses to wither in the midday sun.