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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Snarky Guide to Peak Oil

I liked this so much, I am putting it on my sidebar.

I found A Snarky Guide to Peak Oil at Transition Voice via The Energy Bulletin. This is a great article that presents the situation with a spoonful of sugar and some helpful things to do so you don't merely brood.

Why not start to educate yourself about peak oil and then begin to prepare yourself, your family and your community for a future where energy is much more expensive? We recommend connecting with Transition, a worldwide movement helping people and communities to use fewer fossil fuels and become more resilient.

If you can find a Transition group near you (and there are about 400 of them around the world, with nearly 100 official groups in the US alone) you’ll make new friends while doing things like insulating houses, planting community gardens and working with City Hall to start a local clean-energy utility. Even if peak oil doesn’t hit your community hard for years, using less energy and less stuff will save you money and make you feel good right now.
Good advice.


  1. Good stuff John. I'm waiting on the whole TriCities to become the first ever Transition REGION, not just a town! All kidding aside, we need to talk, organize and plan our futures with less oil. Keep us posted on any plans for transitioning ok?

    And thanks so much for putting the word out about peak oil!
    Sam Jones

  2. Thanks, Sam! I am not much more than a blabber mouth, but I will gladly keep blabbering and point out great things others are doing, like YOU!

    Maybe this new Green Interfaith Network is one place where we can get some momentum going?