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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Saving Tennessee's Mountains

I am honored to be a part a congregation that takes an active role in environmental justice. Here is an article in the Elizabethton Star about a church member, Jennie Young, raising awareness regarding mountain top removal strip mining. 

 “We will lose our mountains, adding our own number to the 500 already blasted away,” Young said. “We will poison our waterways, and who knows the human impacts on the communities at the base of those mountains. There are already 18 surface mines in the state, mostly small and most, excepting Zeb, Leach, Double Mountain, Bull Ridge, Mingo and Cross, still with their tops.”

However, Young noted that eight new permits are currently in the pipeline.

Do read the whole article and forward it to friends.  Please join us at the Bonnie Kate on January 2nd and fight for our mountains!

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