Shuck and Jive

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Blog for Religion For Life

I put together a new blog for Religion For Life, check it out at  That blog will be strictly about upcoming shows and what not.  

The broadcast begins Thursday, January 5th.  My first guest is Anthony Flaccavento of S.C.A.L.E.   

He is an incredibly bright, articulate, and visionary person.   The program will focus on building local and sustainable economies.

Thursday 8pm and Sunday 2pm on WETS, 89.5.
Monday 1pm on WEHC, 90.7.


  1. John -- is any of this going to be available by podcast or other internet media?

  2. Yes, on the sidebars of this blog and my blog are links to podcasts and internet streaming.

  3. Good luck with your new venture. I'll try to follow along.

    I have always been attracted to the notion of simplicity, and how complicated we find its attainment.

    Last year I read "Walden" for the first time (kind of a glaring lapse for a boomer, since I feel like I read it in high school, so central was Thoreau to the sixties). Yet I was struck by how even Thoreau could only keep it up for two years.

  4. Simplicity can be complicated!

    I have a hunch that the future may not be one of voluntary simplicity but mandatory simplicity.