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Monday, February 06, 2012

Michael Zimmerman and Evolution Weekend on Religion For Life

Dr. Michael Zimmerman, a biologist, is the founder of the Clergy Letter Project and Evolution Weekend. Over 13 thousand Christian, Jewish, and Unitarian Universalist clergy have signed a letter in support of teaching evolution in public schools. On the Sunday closest to Darwin's Birthday (February 12th) faith communities all over the United States celebrate Evolution Weekend by honoring science and religion.

On the next Religion For Life, Dr. Zimmerman speaks candidly about the state of science education and the need for scientific literacy. He writes on the topic of science and religion at the Huffington Post.

Listen via livestream...

Monday, February 6th at 1 pm on WEHC, 90.7.
Thursday, February 9th at 8 pm on WETS, 89.5.
Sunday, February 12th, at noon on WEHC, 90.7.
Sunday, February 12th, at 2 pm on WETS, 89.5.
Via podcast beginning February 13th.

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