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Friday, June 01, 2012

PCUSA to Stand on the Side of Love

This Sunday, June 3rd, is More Light Sunday.

More Light Sunday and Evolution Sunday are two of my favorites.  Here are sermons I preached on More Light Sundays Past, 2011, 2010.    In 2010, our Peacemaking Committee devoted their table to getting rid of our discriminatory policies.    That worked out nicely.    This year marriage equality.  Let's make it happen.

This year we are not celebrating More Light Sunday on the first Sunday of June.   Instead, it will be on Sunday July 1st with Rev. Don Steele preaching.  I'll be at General Assembly doing my part to move our denomination closer to a church that stands on the side of equality and justice.  

This year the theme is Standing on the Side of Love

That is a good place to stand. 

I am pleased that the PC(USA) is making positive changes for equality.   Even though some mock, ridicule, bully, and bear false witness, they are in the words of Bishop John Shelby Spong, "loud but not deep."  

Our denomination is making the better choice, a choice for equality and justice, and that is standing on the side of love.

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  1. Let the ranters rant and "sit in the seat of mockers." Their own words only show more clearly who is standing on the side of love.

    And whether it is celebrated on June 1 or July 1, every Sunday is More Light Sunday, "for God hath yet more light and truth to break forth from the Word."