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Thursday, June 21, 2012

So Long But Leave the Silver

It took me some time to figure out why so many fundamentalist congregations had the same complaints on their websites regarding the PCUSA.    I wrote about that in A Bullet Point in PCUSA History.   Since then I discovered that these documents all come from the same source, The LayMAN.

On the right side of their homepage is a link to Discernment Resources.

Click it and you will find all kinds of documents that ministers can use to manipulate and misinform their congregations regarding the "apostasy" of the PCUSA and strategies to steal the PCUSA's property.

One such document is entitled, "Five Solas."   (I am featured under the heading, "The Erosion of Authority.")  This replaces an earlier "Five Solas" (in which I was also mentioned).  But that first one is a little long for short attention spans and the new one gets you the "PCUSA is Apostate" message with less effort.    

I am a bullet point on the new "Five Solas."  To wit:
Those who deny key biblical doctrines remain unchallenged. For example, in a sermon on Pentecost 2012, Rev John Shuck denied that most of the events in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles ever happened.  Previously, Shuck has denied many of the central tenets of the Christian faith.
Funny, I don't ever remember being charged (let alone convicted) with such a crime as denying "the central tenets of the Christian faith," but if the LayMAN says so it must be true.    If you are curious about my recent (very recent, May of this year--are these people stalking me?) sermon, check it out.   For those interested in how higher criticism works, biblical scholars carefully conceal this information in books. 

What's even more bizarre is that right before the LayMAN tells falsehoods about me, it misrepresents the Confession of 1967.  
 - The Confession of 1967 states that Scriptural authority is determined not by Scripture but by the interpreter. In effect this means that our intellect is valued above the plain meaning of the text (C67 - 9.27)
This misrepresentation notwithstanding, do these clergy who think it is now time to leave the PCUSA not know that the Confession of 1967 has been in the Book of Confessions since 1967?    Anyone ordained as a clergyperson (unless they are over 70) took vows to uphold this confession.    Why the surprise now?   One of the breakoffs like the PCA would have been a far better choice for them a long, long time ago.

Interestingly, the PCA just finished their General Assembly deciding that Adam and Eve were historical people and reaffirming that no woman should be a deacon (or deaconness).    There you go.  The authority of the Bible at work.

Any PCUSA members who are convinced by the LayMAN's brand of fundamentalism have (in spirit) left the PCUSA long ago.    So long.  God bless.   Good luck in finding a fit for your fundamentalism.   But leave the silver here please unless you plan to pay for it.


  1. As is my habit if I mention someone in a blog post, I let them know. So I'm letting you know. Because I was raised right. :)

  2. I've decided to get in on the act, making money off your name. (Why should others get all the fun?) Don't worry, I'll be happy to donate 10% of my profits to whatever godless heathen charity you designate. LOL

  3. That was a great post and I have been asking for it for a long time. I just can't stand the silence. : )

  4. Yeah. Right there with you. Gay. Ordained. Married. Commissioner to GA, and came out to the Assembly. Ticking the fundies off on blogs for years. Been banned from more of those same Fundie blogs than I can count. Been there and got the tshirt. But they don't want elders. Not enough $$$ in it, I guess. If they're not going to get their 30 pieces of silver out of the game, they're not interested in playing.

    That said, I just love the McCarthy-esque desperation of attempting to publically assemble a list of pinko commies .... er pinko heretics. These people really could use my help in the area of message politics, because their message clearly ain't working if they have to beg for people to prosecute. If their loyal followers are willing to cough up some green to make it happen, why shouldn't I benefit? After all, the evidence is clear that none of that silliness will go anywhere. So let them throw their money at me for a while. As PT Barnum said....

  5. In a certain large presbytery I worked for in the late '80's, a small congregation decided to close. A growing Korean congregation wanted to buy the building. Behold, when the Presbytery team and the Koreans went to see the building, they discovered that EVERYTHING in the building had been removed, even the kitchen sinks, as I recall. I hope presbyteries are researching the history of churches now wanting to leave. Many, many churches received large grants from GA, synod, or presbytery in their early years. Now of course, they believe that they created themselves and are entitled to it all.

  6. Dennis - wow. That story makes me think of a family of rednecks getting foreclosed on their double-wide!