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Friday, October 12, 2012

I Am Spartacus and Brian!

It takes so long for these cases to go through the Presbyterian court system that I forget about them.  The LayMAN never forgets.  They linked today to this article in the Christian Post, PCUSA's Highest Commission to Hear Case of Lesbian Clergy Who Married Her Partner.   I have written about this case before and here.  

She was taken to church court for getting legally married.  The busybodies said that is bad, against the Bible, and so on.  The presbytery pjc said it was fine.  She was acquitted.   The busybodies appealed.   How does that happen, by the way?  I'm no lawyer but isn't that double jeopardy?   I guess with church court we should be lucky they don't determine justice by filling our pockets with rocks and throwing us in the water to see if we float.

Anyway, the synod pjc said not guilty.    The busybodies decided to keep trying and now she is before the General Assembly PJC.   We will find out next week.

In the meantime, Laurie and Lisa have already been married for three years. 

In the meantime, it is time for all good clergy to obey their ordination vows and sign this statement that you have and/or will marry same-gender couples and not only to sign the statement, but if given the opportunity, seize the day

In the meantime, Landon and David are getting hitched at FPC Elizabethton tomorrow afternoon!

It isn't technically a marriage as Tennessee is, believe it or not, a bit behind the times.   But as Alan, Esq. pointed out, even if say Landon and David got hitched by me in Washington D.C. it wouldn't be marriage like my marriage to my Lovely because their D.C. marriage wouldn't count in Tennessee.   Even marriage in states where marriage is legal still isn't really marriage the way heteros enjoy marriage.    It is time to make a federal case for marriage equality.

As far as church business goes, get your pens ready teaching elders and sign those licenses, eat that cake, pray over those rings, repeat those vows, and show the love and justice of Jesus for Christ's sake.

I stand with you!

We are Spartacus.  Thanks to Snad for this clip!

Old movies make me cry.

Especially this one, "I'm Brian! And so is my wife!"

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