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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Stand for Love! Patrick Evans of More Light Presbyterians to Come to Elizabethton!

We are thrilled that the interim executive director of More Light Presbyterians, Patrick Evans, is making a stop in Elizabethton next week!   We will greet him with a potluck supper at 6 pm and he will spend some time with us in conversation and in sharing music and worship. 

Do spread the word and join us!

We will celebrate Stand for Love!   Many clergy and elders (teaching elders and ruling elders) have signed that they have or will officiate at same gender weddings.  I have signed. Won't you?   Here is the invitation:
More Light Presbyterians invites PCUSA teaching elders who have performed same gender weddings, or who are willing to perform them as the pastoral need arises, to join together and publicly proclaim that witness of pastoral care to the wider church. We also invite individual ruling elders and entire church sessions to affirm this witness. This call to action was inspired by several Commissioner testimonies at the 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Here are lists of signatures, teaching elder (clergy) and ruling elder

First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton has been a More Light congregation since 2008.   We fully welcome and advocate for full inclusion in church and society for LGBT individuals.  We use our space and staff for holy union services.   We also host "the social gathering" on the second Sunday of every month for LGBT people and allies. 


  1. If you are looking for my name is currently #131. The earliest signers are at the end...

  2. Mine's in there somewhere.

    You can, by clicking on the column headings, reorganize the columns by, say, last name.

    That functionality could be helpful for the lists of extra-super-duper-evil people the LayMAN will want to create -- in 10 years when they write another thrilling and timely expose about this list, which was created by an uber-secret cabal that everyone has already heard of, being signed by (*shock*) Elders who you've never heard of who live no where near you.

    Won't someone think of the children?!?!?

  3. You are most certainly on that list, Alan, however it is organized!

    Good for you!!