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Sunday, April 15, 2018

China Calls Out US Aggression, Plus the "White Helmets" and Transparent Lies

More articles of interest regarding Syria:

1) Tyler Durden, CHINA: "The Arrogant US Has A Record of Launching Wars on Deceptive Grounds"

China on the side of Syria against the US.

2) Max Blumenthal (reposted from October 2016) "The Syria Campaign"-Redux: Inside The Shadowy PR Firm That's Lobbying For Regime-Change In Syria"

Analysis of the Syria Campaign and the "White Helmets".

3) Paul Craig Roberts, "Why Do They Tell us Transparent Lies?"
"US officials and the presstitutes tell us that the illegal US missile attack on Syria destroyed chemical weapons sites where chlorine and sarin are stored/manufactured. If this were true, would not a lethal cloud have been released that would have taken the lives of far more people than claimed in the alleged Syrian chemical attack on Douma? Would not the US missile attack be identical to a chemical weapons attack and thus place the US and its vassals in the same category as Washington is attempting to place Assad and Putin? 
What about it, you chemical weapons experts? Do chemical weapons only release their elements when they explode from intended use but not when they explode from being militarily attacked?" 

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