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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Goodbye Facebook. Goodbye Twitter.

I am deleting both my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The radio show accounts will remain and exist simply to promote new episodes. Of course, Southminster accounts will remain.

I hope to do more of my own writing and research on issues critical to our survival as a species. Perhaps that writing will occur here. For now I am taking this first step to disconnect to some small degree from the vast disinformation psyop that is destroying my soul, and I believe our collective soul.

When I think of Facebook, I think of Hansel and Gretel, delighted with the house made of candy only to discover that its keeper created it in order to cook them for supper.

This will be a great loss in many respects as Facebook especially has been a way to connect with many people from my past. No longer will folks be able to communicate with me via these social media platforms. I also will no longer be posting pictures or information about my family.

There are many reasons for this change that has been brewing within me for some time.

Church members can as always connect with me via email, phone, and text.  

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