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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kevin Barrett Update: May 8th PAC Meeting

The Program Advisory Committee (PAC) of KBOO met May 8th.

PAC member Herschel Soles requested on the agenda a discussion of the decision by management to cancel my interview with Kevin Barrett on my March 13th show. Herschel and I requested that Dr. Barrett be present at the PAC meeting via Skype to defend himself against charges of anti-semitism, etc., but this request was denied by station manager, Del Criscenzo.

At the meeting, Del presented a hard copy time-line of her viewpoint, called "KBOO Manager's Report about the Decision To Not Have Kevin Barrett as a Guest on KBOO." She posted this on KBOO's blog a few weeks later.

Here are the minutes of that meeting and the June meeting that I did not attend.

Here is the blog post by Del.

I also presented a hard copy of my version of events, previous blog posts, and screenshots of Twitter feeds.  The following is my time-line of events.

At the May PAC meeting I presented my hope for KBOO:

People have asked what I want. It is quite simple.

I want to do my show without having my guests censored, silenced, banned and defamed before they even get on the air. KBOO needs to be better than that.

I have a good show coming up Friday. I am going to interview Hugh Turley, co-author with David Martin of The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigation.

Here is the promotion.

Tune in. Friday the 13th at 9 am Pacific.

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