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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Progressive and Progressing Spirit

I wish to thank deeply David Felten for his kind columns about me on the website Progressing Spirit (not to be confused with Progressive Spirit, although confusing them will work to my advantage!)

Progressing Spirit is the name of the column that has inherited the great legacy of Bishop John Shelby Spong. He no longer writes his weekly piece and the column has been given to several authors, one being David Felten of Living the Questions and The Fountains UMC.

David visited with me in Portland a couple of months ago and he interviewed me for the column. We talked about honesty, truthfulness, being an atheist minister, and lots of other fun things. There is a modest subscription fee to access Progressing Spirit that allows all these great writers to share their insights.

In addition to David, also contributing are Matthew Fox, Fred Plumer, Eric Alexander, Gretta Vosper, Roger Wolsey, Lauren Van Ham, Kevin Thew Forrester, Cassandra Farrin, Joran Slane Oppelt, Toni Reynolds, Irene Monroe, Diana Butler Bass, Michael Dowd, Brian Mayer, Mark McHargue, Deshna Ubeda, and Mark Sandlin. Definitely worth it.

There is a great deal more to read about there than me! That said, the two posts David wrote about me are entitled:

A Conversation with John Shuck: Part 1 "On Being an Atheist in the Pulpit"


A Conversation with John Shuck: Part 2 "All Shuck. No Jive."

Thanks, David and my best wishes to the success of Progressing Spirit!

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