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Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Light Church Destroyed by Fire

Lovely and I are back from vacation at the beach and chillin' for another day before back to work Monday. Upon my return I did run across this sad piece of news that I will pass on to you.

Community of The Servant Savior Presbyterian Church in Houston was destroyed by arson Thursday. They are going to be worshiping in the parking lot tomorrow.

This church does important work in Houston. It is the only More Light congregation in the whole city. More Light congregations extend a full welcome to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons so they are in a very real sense, a sister congregation to the one I serve.

The motivation for the arson is not known. The pastor, Alan Brehm, who blogs at The Waking Dreamer is confident that they will rebuild. Your good thoughts, wishes, prayers, and so forth are most welcome as are donations.

Check the posting at More Light Presbyterians and Daily Kos.

From the congregation's website is the hope that endures:

Our building is gone, but our church is strong! On April 9, 2010, our church building was burned to the ground. It has been ruled an arson. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks to everyone for their kind words. We will rebuild!


  1. From the local TV news on the fire:

    "Bryan-Wilson and her entire family are long-time church members. Rosy Murphy, 10, was baptized here.

    "Some churches say sit down and we'll tell you a story," Rosy said. "But in our church we say, 'Do you have any questions? ...'"