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Monday, April 12, 2010

Test the Waters!

Three times each year we give folks a chance to test the waters to find out more about our congregation and its ministries. The next is this Saturday. Anyone is welcome! Here is the information from our web page!

We would like to welcome you and give you an opportunity to learn more about our congregation, tour our facilities, become acquainted with our ministries, meet a few of our fine folks, and enjoy lunch together. It is a chance to test the waters and see if this congregation is a match for you as you search for a church home. Our church includes some wonderful resources, including a library, staffed nursery with separate rooms for infants and toddlers, labyrinth, newly remodeled fellowship hall, an adult education room, two wheel-chair accessible restrooms, and a renovated bell choir and choir room. We are in the midst of renovations to our chancel area to accommodate a growing Music Ministry, and have recently hired a Directory of Children's Ministry to expand worship opportunities for all ages!

I have been the minister here for more than four years and I am thrilled with the growth we have experienced. Our Adult Forum has engaging and enlightening speakers on topics ranging from how storytelling can be used in healing, to how the Stock Market works, to how we can embrace our "inner fish." Our Peacemaking Committee is one of the most active in the Holston Presbytery, and our Potlucks can't be beat!

Many people regard our congregation as an oasis. We are an inclusive, tolerant congregation that celebrates diversity and encourages open-minded reflection.

Please mark Saturday, April 17th from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm on your calendar for you, your partner, your family, and even invite friends. Please let us know if you plan to attend so we can make preparations for lunch. Contact the church office if you have questions at 543.7737, johnashuck [at] embarqmail [dot] com

We are a progressive, inclusive congregation affiliated with More Light Presbyterians, The Center for Progressive Christianity, The Covenant Network of Presbyterians, and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

We are also an active congregation in
Holston Presbytery!

Read all about us and see you Saturday!


  1. Nice try John but it'll take more than a fancy blog post to get me to darken the door at your church. ;o)

  2. Hey John, I'll be there! Probably bring Aidan too. Seems like only yesterday that it was us you were talking to :)

  3. Oh, Dr., sooner or later...

    ...we're gonna getcha!

  4. There's always 10,000 Villages, Monkey!

  5. Darn! If Dr. Monkey was going to be there I'd drive all day Friday to meet him.

    John -- if you do this in the Fall, let me know in advance and I might be able to show up -- with or without Dr. Monkey

  6. Darn! If Dr. Monkey was going to be there I'd drive all day Friday to meet him.

    The atheist monkey is turning out to be an evangelist.

    Oh, the sweet irony.

  7. John

    I know this is off subject but I just put a song up on my site just for you. It's entitled "Dancing on the Wall.