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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gustav Niebuhr Speaks at Westar

Here is a photo of John Dart of the Christian Century interviewing John Dominic Crossan at the 25th anniversary of Westar.

This afternoon Gustav Niebuhr is presenting on Religion in America in 2035. He is pictured below on the left. To the right of Niebuhr are Westar Fellows, Glenna Jackson and Charles Hedrick.

Niebuhr is the author of Beyond Tolerance: How People Across America Are Building Bridges of Tolerance. He is speaking today about our future--the future of religion, of the United States, and the future of the Jesus Seminar or Westar.
In politics, demographics and technology, widespread and remarkable changes have distinguished the last quarter century in the United States. Similarly, profound shifts have affected American religion, many driven by national currents within politics, demography and communication. Considering the various trends in religion that have arisen, accelerated or died out since the Jesus Seminar’s establishment in 1985, what might we expect to be discussing about that subject in 2035, when the seminar marks its 50th? Saturday, 2 to 5 p.m.
He is a journalist and has reported on the Jesus Seminar in both the New York Times and the Washington Post. He said that Westar is responsible for the publishing boom of religious literature.

He says that as Westar has reached its 25th anniversary, the question is where will it go from here? He said that Westar's goal is to be an advocate for religious literacy. That goal is never more important than it is today.

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