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Friday, October 29, 2010

Jesus Seminar Tonight!

The Jesus Seminar on the Road is tonight! No need to pre-register. Pay at the door!

Two big news items:

1) The football game was last night. There is no game tonight, therefore NO parking issues. Whew! Congrats to the Cyclones too for winning! Plenty of Parking!

2) Any seminary, college, or high school student with ID gets in for FREE!! We have scholarships for students.

This is going to be a big deal. This is a rare and unique opportunity to listen to and converse with scholars who have been involved with the Jesus Seminar (the cutting edge of historical Jesus study) for 25 years. Listen to an interview with Art Dewey on WETS.

The lecture is Friday at 7:30. Here is the rest of the schedule.

Come to one, two, or all three events.

Here is the Google Map for the First Presbyterian Church:

From Johnson City, take Highway 321 into to town. It becomes West Elk.

At Pal's turn right on to Holly.

Go past the football field on the left. Then turn left onto West F Street.

We are in the middle of the block on the left, 119 West F Street.

The books are set up for sale. Excellent resources for a mindful exploration of Jesus, the Bible, and issues of faith.


The Authentic Letters of Paul and The Trouble With Resurrection and the latest edition of The Complete Gospels are ready for purchase!


We are setting up the Martin Hall in anticipation of 80 folks or more.


Again, plenty of room. Make a last minute decision to attend if you have been on the fence! Bring a friend.

I'm telling you, you will be angry with yourself for missing this when you hear how great it was!

Check my blog for more information!

Blessed Be,

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