Shuck and Jive

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Cornhusker FLIP!!

The good news keeps coming in for Amendment A. It is getting support all over. The entire state of Alabama is on the justice train. Every presbytery in Alabama, North Alabama, South Alabama, and today Sheppards and Lapsley (by a tally of 80-52) approved amendment A!

But that's not all, Beloveds.

Nebraska, the natural home of many marine mammals...

FLIPPED for justice and joy. Homestead Presbytery voted 46-29 in favor of Amendment A.

Let's give those prairie dolphins an award!!

Finally, Los Ranchos voted today as well and voted no, 51-131. When it comes to the justice train, some parts of California are a few coaches behind Nebraska and Alabama it seems.

The tally is 94-69.

Yet to vote.

San Juan is going to vote on rapture day.

For those left behind to clean up the mess left by rapturd Christians, voting continues.

Missouri Union (31-48) Flip
Western New York (66-48) Hold

Peace River (62-83-1) Flip

It would be a joy to get two flips and a hold from that bunch.


  1. You're still picking fights over what Hedges calls "boutique progressive causes" while your church shrinks like a pizza in front of Michael Moore?
    Wow. Now I KNOW mainline protestantism deserves irrelevance.
    Very glad I stopped bothering with this nonsense years ago.

  2. Missouri Union YES a FLIP! 43-38

    Tally 95-69.

    Oh, and Rapture was "spiritual" and final destruction of Earth still scheduled for October. Just in time for the pretty autumn leaves.