Shuck and Jive

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flipping in Missouri!

I don't know how many more pics of flipping dolphins are left to find on the interwebs, but I found one that is fitting for the Show Me State.

We need to celebrate a FLIP for Missouri Union Presbytery! They became the 22nd presbytery to FLIP from no yes today with a vote of 43-38!

Give Missouri Union an award!

Also, Western New York continued its support of equality, love, justice, and the biblical way by approving amendment A, 77-44.

The tally is 96-73

There is a possibility of two, maybe even three more flips before we are all done.

Here is the remaining schedule.

Peace River (62-83-1) Flip
Hanmi (1-30) Miracle Flip

Providence (39-48-4) Flip

Kiskiminetas (34-70) Miracle Flip


  1. Our condolences and prayers to the people in Missouri who have lost loved ones due to tornadoes.

  2. I am counting Suroeste, Midwest Hanmi, Dakota, and San Juan as nos.

  3. Re Western New York: They also flipped to the Democratic Party . . . will wonders never cease?

  4. In my LA Times this morning is print ad from the Layman warning Presbyterians about the downfall of the PCUSA, blah blah. Presumably such ads are in papers across the country. They must think this is a timely fundraising issue.

  5. The way I see it, if they can afford print ads in papers across the country, they don't need money at all. Seems they know about using money and resources to help people in need about as much as Harold Camping!