Shuck and Jive

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Plains and Peaks FLIPS!

The 19th presbytery to flip from no to YES is Plains and Peaks. They approved amendment A today, 73-51 moving us to just one vote from ratifying this important change!

Give Plains and Peaks the Flipper Award!

The tally is 86-62.

The passing vote likely will come on Tuesday. Either Pacific or Twin Cities will the be the 87th!

Looks like we will get to 87 before the rapture after all.

Check the schedule!


  1. John,
    You don't get it. It's the 87th vote that forces God to try to pull the plug on us and raise up the faux-Conservative Evangelicals. It's been us against the Holy Spirit, and we mustered the power to take control. We're not going to let the Rapture happen. We're not just disobedient, we're powerful!

    You do know that was sarcasm, … right?