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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Middle Tennessee Flips!

In a surprise move, Middle Tennessee Presbytery (Nashville and outskirts) approved Amendment A today, 93-86-1. That is a major improvement from 95-139 last time.

Let's give them the FLIPPER!

Peaks (western Virginia) voted no on the amendment today but with great improvement in the equality vote, 89-117-5.

The tally is now 85-62.

We just need two more YESes!

We could get it as soon as next Tuesday the 10th.

Plains and Peaks could flip Saturday.
Then, if either Pacific or Twin Cities holds on Tuesday, we got 87!

Nicely done.

Here is the remaining schedule.


  1. That's great news!
    I didn't project Middle Tennessee to flip, but they were borderline. The new model projection is 94 Yes to 79 No.
    I noticed that Carmen "The Millstone" Fowler is projecting that at least 93 Presbyteries will ratify Amendment A.

  2. Your projections are holding out very well and you made them at the very beginning!

    I dub thee Kattie W. Nostradamus Coon.

  3. Hi John or anyone else: Assuming that the "No"'s don't run the table at this point and go 25-1, when the amendment passes, do churches immediately get to install qualified officers irrespective of orientation, or is it like the Pentagon after DADT and they have to study the implementation for months?

  4. The new amendment goes into effect July 11th of this year. Get your rainbow stoles pressed and ready!

  5. Sorry John, I don't do the quatrain thing very well.

    I'm thinking of adding a historical projection chart that shows the model prediction as a function of the number of presbyteries that voted. The projections have been remarkably stable for quite a while.

  6. Excellent!!

    Two more!

    Now it's time to run up the score for good measure. The more the merrier! Don't let up!

    The harder we work now to flip some of these today, the easier the marriage fight will be down the road. If we can win this one, great. If we can win this one in a way that sets up the next one, even better.

    Since the current version of the faux-conservative-martyr-complex meme is that we outmaneuvered, outspent, outplanned, and outgunned them. We may as well prove them right.

    Nothing succeeds like success.

  7. Plains and Peaks, YES! 73-51


    Tally is 86-62.

    Just one YES left!