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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Music For Our Mountains

Join us Saturday for a great concert at FPC Elizabethton. We are bound and determined to save Tennessee's mountains. Do get the word out about this concert!

Go here for more information.

If you can, come early and join our afternoon of action.  At 4 p.m. our Peacemaking Team will host an afternoon of action on behalf of our mountains.  There will be discussion, action planning, letter writing, and phone calls to Tennessee legislators' offices.  

Here is a packet with information about MTR and what we can do.

Today, January 24th, is the day to call governor Haslam and ask that he show leadership in the effort to end Mountaintop Removal Mining in Tennessee.

The number is 615.741.2001.

Ask him to support legislative efforts to pass the Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act.

If it is too late today, call him tomorrow, and the next...

Here is my interview with Jennie Young about preventing MTR.

And read her article in the Elizabethton Star, Green Around the Hills

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