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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Three Jesuses

During Thursdays With Jesus, we are reading Deepak Chopra's, The Third Jesus.   Join us Thursdays at 10:30.    I like Chopra's Jesus more than the "send you to hell" Jesus of default Christianity.   But Chopra's Jesus is kind of spooky.  Chopra talks about "God consciousness" and what all.   His Jesus is kind of a Hindu Jesus.    It is a good Jesus.  He is all about love and you can be like him.   But something isn't working for me.  It is the metaphysics that doesn't resonate.    Here are three theories.

1)  Orthodox Christianity.  After death we go to Heaven or Hell.   Jesus is the unique son of God who gets you to God and to heaven via grace (usually with some kind of action or belief on our part).  Salvation is "to love God and to enjoy God forever."

2)  Chopra.  Mind encompasses matter.  We are not our bodies.   We have bodies.  Jesus is enlightened being that we can become (presumably after enough reincarnations).   Salvation is becoming enlightened and developing "God consciousness."

3)  Naturalism.  No heaven.  No hell.  No reincarnation.  We are our bodies.  We do not exist outside of them.  Matter produces mind.   Consciousness arises from biology.  Jesus is a model of a life that matters.  Salvation is being at peace in one's own skin through life's contingencies. 

Personally, my religion is behind door number three.   But I don't insist.   Naturalism makes sense to me and I happen to like it.   I find happiness with it.  Which of the three makes you happy?   You can quibble with me that I didn't describe yours correctly.  Fine, describe it in a way that satisfies you.   But overall, how many choices really can there be?    Thoughts:
  • I think there are good people in each belief system.   
  • I don't think any view is worth freaking out and going to war over.   
  • I think this stuff is fun to talk about, but then I am just weird that way.
You might enjoy this debate between Leonard Mlodinow and Deepak Chopra, The War of Worldviews:  Exploring Science Vs. Spirituality.  



  1. Sadly, some *believers* in Rhode Island have been threatening my neighbor, Jessica Ahlquist, simply because she requested that a Prayer Banner be removed from her public high school.

    I suspect that Jesus would have no attachment to the banner and does have respect and love for Jessica.

    While some clergy have joined with the ACLU, many have been silent, and I hear that the prayer bullies include some Jews and perhaps people from other traditions.

    Please hold Rhode Island in the Light, in your most Loving prayers....

    Thank you, John & friends...♥

  2. I am not a fan of Deepak Chopra; however, I suppose that his variety of popular spirtuality (spiritualism??) is better than the nihilistic consumerism or fundamentalist literalism . . .