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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

ECO = We don't want equality for gay people

The LayMAN reports that 47 congregations are girding up their loins to leave the PC(USA) for greener more ECO friendly pastures.    These ECO friendly pastures will be pure and lovely and won't have any nasty gay people grazing about (at least in leadership positions).

The congregations offer lists of complaints as they report to their local media how they are leaving the faithless PC(USA) to follow the good shepherd.   They say many things such as the "real reason" being the lack of trust in the Scriptures, or universalism, or quirky views of Jesus that apparently some people in the denomination hold.    Perhaps even me.   Because the denomination (whoever that is, exactly) doesn't punish these "heretics" these faithful congregations can't possibly do their ministry.

But that is nothing new.   So-called "heretics" have gone unpunished in pulpits for centuries.   Complaining about them has served as a cover for darker prejudices.  In fact, these lists of complaints, in this case, are nothing more than veiled homophobia.   
These congregations are leaving because the PC(USA) took a small step in removing discriminatory barriers against gays and lesbians.
This new denomination, ECO, has a lovely new website.  There you will find photos of happy people and you will find rationale and strategy for congregations to depart the PC(USA) with the property.

Be well.  Have a good life.   But do know that you will leave a legacy.

When your children ask you in days to come why you separated from your sisters and brothers in the PC(USA), you can tell them that it was because you didn't think gay people should be equal with straight people.  When your children look at you with a WTF? expression on their faces, you will know that that decision to leave was really warped... fact, not even Christian.    


  1. And this comment ab out the e-COPs from another John (Shore):

    "That said, though, I'm heartened by the leaders of ECO being so afraid of proclaiming their true nature and purpose. It means they're as uncomfortable as, God knows, they should be, about excluding gay people from full participation in the life that Jesus so passionately offered to all.

    It's always encouraging when someone can't force their mouth to say what their heart knows is wrong. It means there's hope for them yet."

  2. BTW, it's funny that so many of the media reports that actually report the truth right there in the headlines: "Presbyterian Church Leaves Denomination Over Gay Ordination."

    They can fool some of the people some of the time...


  3. I noticed that too about the media. They already have the wtf expression. Nice comment from John Shore...

  4. But yesterday you said YOU were the reason they were leaving the PCUSA. I don't want to believe that you aren't that powerful.

  5. Well, to be honest, I represent the stated reason. Oddly enough, I really have been used as the example of the depravity of the denomination and a reason to leave the PCUSA.

    I must really be a puzzle to them, because this behavior is certainly a puzzle to me.

    I cannot imagine caring what anyone else thinks regarding metaphysical speculation or whether or not a gay person preaches sermons somewhere.

    This understanding of Christianity is beyond belief for sure.

  6. Ooh...I missed this one... e-COPs has a "Committee on Assimilation"

    Yup, a Committee on Assimilation.

    Seriously? Is it really possible for people to be that tone deaf?

    We are eCOPs. Resistance is futile. Free will is irrelevant. You will be assimilated.

  7. I guess I oughtn't be glad for division, but it's some kind of relief that the fundamentalists are finally going to more fundamental pastures instead of staying and fighting. After years in the church wilderness, I think my family and I are about to join a progressive PCUSA church in Southern California, and I look forward to an experience that is based on hospitality and inclusiveness, with all the divisive issues (I hope) left in the past.

  8. @Michael

    I am glad there is a progressive Presbyterian church in Southern California! I think once we just get on with it, we will do well.