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Friday, May 04, 2012

Job Opening at FPC Elizabethton: Director of Children's Ministry

Our Director of Children's Ministries, Linda Sorrell, is stepping down from the position to devote more energy and focus toward her family.  Linda has done a fantastic job as DCM.   She is a creative teacher, a skilled administrator, and a peaceful presence.  She has played a huge role in growing our children's ministry.   We will have an opportunity to celebrate her ministry with us later this month.   Thank you, Linda!

We are now searching for another Director of Children's Ministries.   Application deadline is May 15th.  Here is the scoop:
Part-time Director of Children's Ministry, First Presbyterian Church, Elizabethton.   Administrate and teach children's educational program. 10 hours per week.  Must have a progressive theology.  Check webpage for information about the church and for an application,  Apply by May 15th.  Contact Rev. John Shuck at johnashuck {at} or 542-7737.
If you are wondering what a "progressive theology" looks like you might check out The Eight Points of a Progressive Christian Church and the curriculum we have been using.   

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