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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

From the World's Most Interesting Man

Saw this one on a friend's Facebook page.

A little exegesis. The Jesus Seminar colored Matthew 25:31-46 black because of the apocalyptic "son of man" imagery. They thought this passage is a creation by the author.  Those who think Jesus was apocalyptic might vote it red or pink. Those who think Jesus is a mythical figure from beginning to end would also vote black.   Here is what I mean by "voting and coloring."

All of that said, this is at least Matthew's Jesus and this passage is the thesis of Matthew's gospel.    The author of this gospel would be considered a heretic in the Christian church.  Matthew believed that what we do matters.   This isn't about individualistic behavior either.  He addresses ta ethna "nations" plural.

In this scheme nations will be judged as to how they treat the most vulnerable (hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick, imprisoned).  

Personally, I don't believe in heaven, hell, or supernatural beings or anything they can do.  I don't believe in any external judgment or reward.  When you die, you enter the great peace, just like before birth.  I regard these stories as projections of the author's morality on to the heavens.   We can read them as inspiration to develop an internal moral compass.   But that's me.

For those who do believe in heaven and hell and judgment and whatever, like apparently, all the Christian evangelistas who are voting Republican, you really ought to read your book.   In that book, Jesus is not amused by the trickle down, "let the poor suck it up while I get rich with the Lord" crap. 

For you, he'll open a can o' whoop ass. 

End of sermon.


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