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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Equality for Easter

Covenant Network of Presbyterians reports that over the weekend a dozen presbyteries voted.  Three voted yes after having voted no on ordination equality.  Two presbyteries (Yellowstone--how could you?) flipped the wrong way.  Here is how they shake out:

Voting in favor:
  • Mission
  • Charleston-Atlantic (Positive Flip!)
  • East Iowa
  • Grace
  • Ohio Valley
  • East Tennessee
  • John Calvin (Positive Flip!)
  • James  (Positive Flip!)

  • Yellowstone (Flip backwards)
  • Central Florida
  • Coastal Carolina
  • Grand Canyon  (Flip backwards)
The grand total is now 79-37.   86 is the magic number.   Looks like we could get equality in our Easter baskets (if you get the vote out!)  

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