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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Marriage Equality: Almost There!

Covenant Network has reported the latest tally at 71-32.   86 yeses are needed to pass.   We are only 15 away.  The LayMAN reported 13 presbyteries have flipped from a previous no on equality issues to yes this time around.   It is going to pass.


That confidence does not excuse you, Beloveds, from getting out the vote, getting to the meeting, and speaking up.  We want many presbyteries to vote yes, at least 110 so we can be sure that we will never go backward on this.    It is time for a clear mandate for LGBTQ equality in the PCUSA.   No more discrimination.  No more silence.  No more injustice.   Now is the time to seal the deal.

When the General Assembly comes to Portland, we will celebrate a new PCUSA with marriage and ordination equality for all!

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