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Friday, July 31, 2015

On the Cover of the Omnibus

My new presbytery's newsletter is called the Omnibus.   This was a very nice welcome.  In the latest issue the editor included on the front a page a story about me and my radio program, Religion For Life!  

You can read it here.  

They took stories from the Kingsport Times News (Sept. 2012) and the Johnson City Press (Dec. 2011) and some of my information to create the article.

This is a picture from the KBOO studio where I record and produce the shows.   KBOO is one of the first community radio stations in the country and I am excited to produce the show for their podcast page and for the other stations (WETS/Johnson City, TN; WEHC/Emory, VA; and KZUM/Lincoln, NE).  

Every program is 29 minutes and free to any radio station.

New shows are uploaded every Sunday.  You can download them from the KBOO podcast page or at the Religion For Life podcast page or from iTunes.

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