Shuck and Jive

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rick Simerly and Friends

Two weeks from tonight is when Rick Simerly and four other jazz musicians are going to be in concert at First Presbyterian Church.

The concert begins at 7:30 with a reception afterwards in Martin Hall. Joining Rick will be Todd Wright--alto, Andy Page--guitar, Fred Goodwin--bass, and Eddie Dalton--Drums.

Here is the announcement on his web page.

There is no admission but a suggested donation of at least $5 per person will pay for the musicians assuming we have a couple hundred people in attendance (which is likely). You will need to get there early to get a good seat.

Rick Simerly is a world-class trombonist and when you get these five together it will knock your Birkenstocks off. So put Saturday March 24th 7:30 p.m. on your calendar. Invite friends and spread the word.

Here is a pic of Rick's recording session for his latest album Obscurity

Simple Complexity is an earlier album.

But that isn't all. Rick and Friends are going to come back Sunday morning at 11:00 for a jazz worship service. That is at eleven a.m.


  1. A jazz band in church! How cool is that!!! What next U2?

  2. If I could get U2 to Elizabethton I would book them!

  3. Yeah, I'm sure Bono would have something interesting to say!