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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busybodies Strike Back At Lisa Larges

We are celebrating the vote in San Francisco presbytery. The presbytery approved the ordination of Lisa Larges. But she hasn't been ordained yet. Ever watchful for gay cooties, busybodies in San Francisco signed a "Stay of Enforcement." High priestess of the busybodies, Rev. Mary Holder Naegeli, sent a news release that was posted by town crier of the busybodies, Presbyweb:
Enough signatures were collected at the close of the meeting to secure a Stay of Enforcement while a remedial complaint is filed with the Synod of the Pacific Permanent Judicial Commission. Ms. Larges’ ordination cannot take place unless all legal hurdles are overcome, which could take another eighteen months.
Proving that making life difficult for others is what gives their lives meaning.


  1. Oh, yeah. If they didn't have a life to sit in judgment over their heads would explode.

    But then again, their desperation is a hidden light. Resorting to procedural obstructionism is the political version of clutching at straw.

    Tisk, tisk...
    Such miserable little people.

  2. It is a good day. The busybodies' last act of desperation will prove to be futile.

  3. These folks really do need to get a hobby. Whatever happened to the time-honored tradition of busybodies, fusspots, tattletales, and scolds simply yelling at the neighbor kids to stay our of their yard?

    If you listen closely, you can almost hear Gladys, "Abner! Abner! That lesbian is at it again! Abner!!"

  4. It's always so embarrassing when a woman acts as a tool for the patriarchy...especially in a case like this.

  5. Well, Rev. Larges can always go to the Universal Life Church website and get ordained online. That's what I did, so that I could perform my brother's wedding ceremony in New York State back in 2002. I am also listed as a "wedding officiant" in West Virginia, because of that ordination. I have a clergy name tag, and a clergy sign to stick in my car window so I could visit sick folks in hospitals if I wanted to be so bold.

    UCL is accepted in all states as a legitimate confirmation of ordination. So go for it!

    Quite a few Wiccan and other pagan folks have taken advantage of this online ordination.

    Of course, my clergy friends are appalled . . .

    I will do some penance, however. Next summer I'll be in the CPE program at Eastern Mennonite University Seminary in Harrisonburg, so that I can get certified as a hospice chaplain.

    See? You don't have to go to seminary . . . although, of course, the ULC is not part of the "ecumenical communion" that we all think is necessary.

  6. Better be careful folks. Jim at Presbylaw has characterized what we're doing here as "hate speech".

    Hate speech? Naaaa...
    Ridicule? Absolutely!

  7. "It's always so embarrassing when a woman acts as a tool for the patriarchy...especially in a case like this."

    Especially when, given their druthers, the very men who support these women's actions would be happy to see women's ordination stricken from the BoO as well, and ironically the arguments being used are the same ones used against women's ordination.

    Never underestimate the power of historical ignorance.

  8. ROFL. "Hate Speech."

    The irony is thick enough to cut with a knife when people who I'd wager my lunch money don't actually believe in the concept of hate speech in the first place attempt such obvious spin.