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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lisa Larges Approved for Ordination!

San Francisco Presbytery was all a
twitter last night as Lisa Larges was approved for ordination by a vote of 156 to 138. That All May Freely Serve (TAMFS) was also approved as a validated ministry of the presbytery. That vote was 157 to 147.

In a polarized presbytery in a polarized denomination, Lisa Larges completed another chapter in her 23 year quest to serve the church as an ordained minister of word and sacrament.

Her last statement before the vote on her ordination:

"My call is to follow Jesus Christ and live my life with integrity."

Indeed. Thank you, Lisa, for your witness.

I have posted on her journey previously. In reverse order (pretty much):

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  1. Hooray!

    Nice to have some time to celebrate before the busybodies, tattletales, fusspots and scolds file their charges against the presbytery.

  2. I am sure the BTFS are implementing their pettiness as we blog. But it is important to celebrate.

    I heard this summer why the Jews celebrate feasts. It has three parts:

    1) They tried to kill us.
    2) They didn't.
    3) Let's go eat.

    The BTFS are always out there. Gotta party when you can...

  3. Just got an email notification stating that the San Francisco Presbytery's chief fusspot (Mary Holder Naegeli) has already begun her next round of persecution of Lisa.